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Pensacola Beach Season/ Perdido Key Beach Season

You legally need to know: 

There are no glass containers (alcohol or anything else) allowed on the “sandy beaches.”

There are no “clothing optional” or nude beaches on Pensacola Beach, The National Seashore, Ft. Pickins, Navarre Beach, or Perdido key/ Johnson Beach.

Law enforcement will arrest a person, and not just write a citation.
This is a prime arrest season.


These are traps for the unaware to “come on vacation, and leave on probation…”
If you have an issue on the beach, call Chris (850) 437-9410.

Chris Rabby represents people charged with crimes.  He has more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense of sex, drugs, and violence charges in both Florida and Federal Courts in the Pensacola, Florida, area.  He can help you, or one you love navigate the justice system, which can be complicated and confusing.  Chris Rabby understands the fear of “the system” by a person facing this fight for their personal liberty. 

Chris Rabby is private attorney, a criminal defense lawyer, in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida.  He is a sole practitioner and is  AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell® as a criminal defense attorney.  At Christopher L. Rabby, P.A., he represents people charged with a wide range of criminal offenses, such as physical and sexual assault, drug possession, conspiracy offenses, drug trafficking, firearm possession, as well as driving under the influence, domestic violence and injunction violations with judgment-free advocacy.  Chris is ready to defend your rights in Florida and Federal Courts.  Chris Rabby can also help with Florida Sex Offender Registration removal, in many cases.  When you are facing the toughest battle of your life, Chris Rabby, ensures you receive the vigorous defense you deserve.

Florida criminal law is complicated, and it requires an experienced and dedicated Florida criminal defense attorney to navigate the Florida criminal justice system successfully.  Chris Rabby is one of them in Pensacola, Florida.  He has been practicing law since 1992 and knows there are many factors to be examined and investigated in each case. Chris Rabby looks at everything from the initial encounter with law enforcement, the probable cause for arrest, the evidence that the government has and the reliability of that evidence, to obtain the best possible outcome. His goal is to protect your rights and keep you informed at every stage.

Chris is a “Life Member” of the F.A.C.D.L. and N.A.C.D.L. (The Florida and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers).  This is career dedication which means that criminal defense is what he does, what he has done for over 20 years, and what he will be doing for his professional life.   Chris is also a 25+ year member of the Escambia-Santa Rosa Bar association.

We build quality defenses and quality relationships with all our clients.
At Christopher L. Rabby, P.A., we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and build the strongest possible cases for them.  The hallmarks of our firm include:

        Personal attention — In our small firm-environment, we devote the time it takes to listen to you and to understand and respond to your concerns.

        Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System in Pensacola  –  Chris has been actively involved in representing people in Pensacola since 1992.  He can explain the court system and how arrest, bond and release relate to the a prosecution.  Sometimes, he can resolve misdemeanor and Pensacola Beach Cases without the person returning to Pensacola.

        Experience in Florida and Federal Court  — Most crimes are prosecuted in state courts, and many lawyers don’t have the knowledge and experience to help a client when the case goes to Federal Court, especially when some criminal charges may remain in Florida State Court and some are prosecuted federally.  Chris Rabby understands how the different systems and sentences work and may interrelate.  Chris Rabby has been trying cases in Florida since 1992 and Federal Court since 1995.  Whatever the jurisdiction, he is prepared to advocate for you effectively.

        Serious and Complex cases — At our firm, we handle the most violent crimes and complex cases with the most serious potential outcomes.  We do not judge our clients, and are sensitive to the potential damage to your reputation, family relationships, and the collateral consequences of a criminal arrest.

        Representation with Respect — The non-judgmental focus of Attorney Chris Rabby, is representation with respect towards and for the individual client, to insure the court sees the real person and to make certain a client is not as a file, but in and out of Court, as a person.  Due to a high numbers of cases, it is easy for the prosecutor or judge to lose sight of the individual and see the person as the offense for which they are charged (he’s a “domestic battery,” or she’s a “possession with intent”).   Respect means breaking through this barrier and explaining the charges, evidence, and system to each client, not just telling a client what they want to hear.

        Collateral Consequences, Issues  and Understanding- There are a great many issues that can come from an arrest or prosecution, including an Injunction, Divorce, and/or Dependency Case(s).  There may also be driver license suspensions, a loss of certain rights, other criminal justice system “traps,” employment/professional ramifications, and personal and family relationship deterioration.  Then, there is always the stress of being involved in litigation.  Chris Rabby has experience in these matters and can assist with them, and even refer a person for services to deal with personal issues, drug and alcohol issues, anger issues and/or mental health concerns.

The Rabby Lawfirm is located in historic downtown Pensacola.  There are three Notary Publics on staff.

Focus on criminal defense
We focus on the following practice areas:

internet solicitation and sexual assault

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