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What do I do if there is a Warrant for me in Pensacola, Florida?

First, call Chris- (850) 437-9410.

Next, you need to turn yourself in as soon as possible to avoid some rather nasty collateral consequences,
but you should be prepared for the experience.  It is best to take care of the warrant on your terms, not theirs.

So, How do I know if there is a warrant for my arrest in Pensacola, Florida, or
how does anyone know if there is a warrant for their arrest in Escambia County or Santa Rosa County, Florida?

Generally, for less serious offenses, a card will come from law enforcement in the mail to the last know address of the person. Otherwise, Chris can call warrants to see if there is a warrant and what the bond amount is/ if there is a bond.

For more serious offenses, law enforcement will come knocking on your door and you will not have a chance to prepare.

Q:   Why should I turn myself in on a warrant?

A:   Because of additional issues/ collateral consequences that may arise, such as:
1.   Law enforcement will come to your house, work and that of known family and associates.
The neighborhood will know about it,
You can minimize this if you turn in.
2.   Sometimes people might be doing/ possessing something improper when they get arrested.
You can control that if you turn in.
3.   People sometimes act improperly when placed in the uncomfortable position of being arrested.
Such actions can result in additional Resisting Arrest or Obstruction of Justice charges.
You can control that if you turn in.
4.   They will find you.
With today’s technology, a person can have arrest warrants discovered at school, the DMV, airports,
as a passenger in a traffic stop, and at the border.
You can control that if you turn in.
5.    Extradition.
Florida will come get you.
Extradition is a formality.
There can be a substantial delay in getting here.
(Note: Get the arrested a certificate a Verification of Incarceration from the arresting out-of-state jail,
to ensure the arrested gets credit for the period of incarceration.)
5A.The Bus (The Extradition Bus).
Transported inmates only travel for a few hours at a time.
It recently took 9 days travel for a client of mine to get here from South Carolina.
I would not want to take that bus ride.
You can control that if you turn in.

It is better to deal with the warrant on your terms, rather than have the cops show up at your door…

Q:  What should I wear when I go to jail in Pensacola.
A:  Wear white “tighty-whitey’s” and plain white t-shirts.  This includes long, thermal underwear.
(Don’t ask, just do it because the jail is cold and commisarry is slow..)

Q:  When is the best time to turn in to the Escambia County Jail
It Depends-
A1:  If there is No Bond:
1.  After a good meal, 6 p.m. so that you get “processed” by 10 p.m., for court 1:30 p.m. court the next day.
2.  Day of the week- turn in Sunday through Thursday, to ensure weekday court appearance
and avoid the weekend rush.
3. When you know what to expect when you are arrested in Pensacola, Florida.
4. After you have retained Chris Rabby (850-437-9410).
A2:  If there is a Bond:
1.  After you have made arrangements for a “rapid release” with a Bail Bondsman
2.  A good turn in time is 9 a.m., before they get real busy.
3.  Day of the week- turn in Tuesday through Thursday are the least busy, for faster release.
4.  When you know what to expect when you are arrested in Pensacola, Florida.
5.  After you have retained Chris Rabby (850-437-9410).

Q:  Where do I turn myself into jail in Pensacola, Florida?
A:  The Escambia County, Florida Jail: 2935 North  L Street, Pensacola, Florida  32501. (see resources)

Q:  What else should I do?
A:  Call (or have someone call) the jail when you are walking into the lobby-  Phone: (850) 436-9830, and
Call Chris Rabby for representation.  (850) 437-9410.