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Christopher L. Rabby has been practicing law in Pensacola for over 20 years.
He gets asked many questions and the links above this page are dedicated to answering some of them, like:
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How do you choose a lawyer/ pick a criminal defense lawyer?

Why do lawyers send mail advertising to people that were arrested, is that ethical?

What are the fees and costs in a criminal case?

What happens when I am arrested in Pensacola, Florida?

What do I do if there is a warrant for me in Pensacola, Florida?

How do I handle police encounters?

What do I do when I get pulled over?

What is there to do in Pensacola, and is there anything I need to know?
Beach Laws
Alcohol Laws
Pet Beach Restrictions and Pensacola Dog Parks
What are the local fishing regulations?
How to you get unstuck in the sand on the beach?

I have a “right,” what does that mean?

Does Florida have any interesting, unique, outdated, or silly laws?

What are the Florida child car seat rules?

Is it legal to drive barefoot in Florida?

I got a call from the IRS, FBI, Sheriff’s Department, or Jury Duty with threats, is it legitimate?

What would legalizing Marijuana do to gun my rights?

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