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Did you know in Florida…  (actual Florida odd, old, outdated, or silly laws)

Cohabitation-It is illegal for a man and a woman to live together in Florida if they have a sexual relationship.
It is punishable by a 60 day jail sentence.  Florida Statute 798.02.
However, Governor Scott signed a bill to legalize shacking up, which goes into effect July 1, 2016.

It is a felony to build a structure which is open to the public if the door does not open outwards.  Florida Statute 813.06.

Any Florida drug conviction will result in a 1 year driver license revocation,
even if the drugs/drug possession had nothing to do with a car.  (Florida Statute 322.055)

3 Day Wait-  There is a three day waiting period in Florida to get married and to buy a gun.
Coincidence?  (there can be exceptions to the 3 day wait)

It is against the law to place a water hyacinth (flower) in any of the waters of Florida.  Florida Statute 861.04.

Urine Samples-  It is against Florida law to submit an altered or diluted urine sample.
Yes, Florida regulates pee…Florida Statute 817.565.

DUI on a bicycle.  Yes, you can get a driving under the influence conviction for impaired operation of a bicycle.
State v. Howard, 510 So.2d 612 (Fla. 3rd DCA 1987)

It is a federal crime to possess a gun by a person who uses illegal drugs, even recreationally.
It is punishable by ten years in prison,  Title 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(2).

There is no common law marriage in Florida, but if you reside together any crime against your partner
will be considered domestic violence.

Wearing a “T-back” swimsuit while selling hotdogs is illegal in Polk County, Florida.
Shelter v. State, 681 So.2d 730 (Fla. 2nd DCA 1996)

The Common Law of England is still in effect in Florida, unless specifically pre-empted by Florida law
(Florida Statute 775.09).

A withheld adjudication of guilt makes a person a “known drug user” and they are prohibited from purchasing a firearm
by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for a year.

Adultery, living in an open state of adultery, that is, is illegal in Florida.
It is punishable by a 60 day jail sentence.  Florida Statute 798.01.

Slingshots-  It is illegal to use a slingshot in Pensacola.  Pensacola City Ordinance sec. 8-1-12

Saggy pants are illegal in Ocala, Florida.-

It is unlawful to bartend, manage or be the person in charge of a bar for 5 years after a felony or prostitution conviction.
Florida Statute 562.13

Failing to pay any court fine will result in a driver license suspension, even for non-driving offenses.
Not only do you have to pay the fine, but also for the suspension (a D-6 suspension) and a reinstatement fee.

Failure to pay child support in Florida can result in losing your recreational (fishing/hunting), business and
professional license(s).

Having sex/sexual relations in public (sex on the beach) can lead to a prison sentence and sex offender registration.

Voluntary intoxication is not a defense to most crimes in Florida, Florida Statute 775.051.

Ignorance as to the person’s age, and the person’s misrepresentation of age is not a defense to a sexual offense (§794.021 & §800.04 (2) & (3)). If both parties are under age, one or both of them may be charged with a sexual offense.

Felons, even if not convicted and adjudication of guilt is withheld, are required to register with the state
for 5 years after release of sentence.   Florida Statute §775.13.

An unwed mother has sole primary care and custody of the child, and the father has no legal rights at all,
until they are established in court.  Florida Statute §744.301

Performing Jail Tattooing is unlawful.  Florida Statute §381.00785.

It is unlawful for an adult/ exotic dancer to solicit a drink from a patron.  Florida Statute 562.131

Stealing a fire extinguisher is a felony.

The age of consent in Florida is 16 years old, but it is a crime for a person 24 years old or older to have
sexual activity with a 16 or 17 year old (§794.05, a second degree felony)

Crab Traps: It is illegal to “molest” a crab trap. Florida Statute 379.366.

There are no “clothing optional” topless beaches, or nude beaches in the Pensacola area, despite rumors on the internet.

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p.s.  Graffiti is illegal in Florida, Florida Statute 806.13, but in some places it is tolerated.  (The 17th Street Graffiti Bridge)