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Attorney Fees in Criminal Cases

The cost of hiring a Pensacola criminal defense lawyer varies significantly, based on the nature and severity of the charges, the complexity of the case, number of witnesses, experts and co-defendants, the lawyer’s years of experience and reputation, among other factors. You can help resolve some questions when you meet with Chris Rabby by bringing the arrest report or criminal complaint with you. It can be obtained at the time of arrest, through the Clerk of Court, Bail Bondsman, or Chris may also be able to obtain it independently. Also know the charges against you, your court date, your bail amount and any specific facts that are alleged, and everything you tell the Rabby Law Firm is confidential. Exact felony and misdemeanor criminal defense fees cannot be estimated/quoted until a proper case evaluation is performed.

Chris Rabby generally does not charge an initial consultation fee on a criminal case, unless it is a RICO (Racketeering), Conspiracy, or Federal Criminal case.

Cases may be billed by the hour or a flat-fee, in addition to costs. A case-billing or flat-fee is a charge that pays the full attorney fee for representation. Family law and domestic relations are charged by the hour. The services provided include Chris guiding you through the legal process, and familiarizing you with the legal system and local court customs and procedures. Also included are research and trial preparation, bond hearings (if necessary), arraignment, motion research and hearings, and appearance at mandatory court appearances. Sometimes the fee includes jury selection and trial of the case, although they may be billed separately. Appeals are not included.

To hire The Rabby Law Firm, you must pay an up-front retainer fee, which is based either on an estimated number of hours or on the flat fee. If working on an hourly basis, the time expended on the case is deducted at that hourly rate from the retainer as the work is done. When the retainer is gone, you will be billed for an additional payment. Retainers are non-refundable.

Contingency fees (a fee which is paid depending on a good result) are prohibited in a criminal case by American Bar Association Ethic Rule 1-5(d)(2). Contingency fees are also prohibited in family Law/ Domestic Relations Cases.

Additional costs in a criminal case include:

Witness subpoenas, appearance fees and transportation,

Deposition court reporter and transcription costs,

Private Investigator costs,

Experts- Felony trials often require the testimony of expert witnesses,
which can add $2,000-$7,000 or more that is not included in your attorney’s fees.

Discovery costs- cost of obtaining copies,

Miscellaneous costs- Such as Public Record search costs and Clerk fees for issues in related matters,
Court fines, fees and costs- These vary widely depending on the charges are in addition to your           attorney’s fees.

Restitution, and

Probation fees and costs.

Costs in Domestic Cases also include Filing Fees, to the Clerk of Court and Mediation costs.

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