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Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney Christopher Rabby

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People get arrested for nude sunbathing in the Pensacola area quite often,
even though there are no local “clothing optional” beaches.

There is a rumor on the internet that Johnson’s Beach, on Perdido Key, Florida, is a nude beach.  It is not.

Most people do not know that nude sunbathing, topless tanning, and public urination are generally charged as
Indecent Exposure, which can be a sex offense.  These may also be prosecuted as a Dissorderly Conduct charge.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential to preserve a person’s criminal record and integrity and Chris Rabby has successfully defended individuals charged with both offenses.
There are many defenses to the allegations, including the nature of the person’s body exposure.
Many individuals who do so on a dare, under the influence, or as a silly prank, find themselves facing charges for indecent exposure.  Others believe that they are in a secluded area and cannot be seen.  Even worse “somebody said this was a nude beach.”  Unfortunately, what started as a silly prank or simple bad decision can leave you facing criminal penalties, stiff fines, probation and perhaps jail time.  Pensacola nude sunbathing defense lawyer Chris Rabby has represented many people in both Federal Court and Florida State Court for these allegations.

If you have been charged with indecent exposure, or any allegation of public sexual activity in Florida, it is important to consult an attorney immediately to discuss your case and learn more about your defense options. Chris Rabby is an experienced Pensacola indecent exposure attorney who provides non-judgmental representation and has represented individuals in trial by jury in the Pensacola, Florida area.  Federal Exposure, Indecent Exposure, and Nude Sunbathing charges are also common in Pensacola, and Christopher L. Rabby has represented many individuals in United States Magistrate Court, for the Northern District of Florida.

Offenses include:
Nude sunbathing (Florida and Federal Violations)
(Nude sunbathing at the National Seashore, Ft. Pickins, Navarre Beach, Gulf breeze, Johnson Beach,
Perdido key, Santa Rosa Island and Pensacola Beach)
Please note that “Johnson’s Beach” on Perdido Key, Florida, is the name, not a directive.
Public urination
Nudeness in your own home while visible to neighbors
Public sexual activity
Dancer violations
DUI Cases, with naked drivers and/or passengers
Wearing a “T-back” swimsuit while selling hotdogs, which is illegal in Polk County, Florida.
Shelter v. State, 681 So.2d 730 (Fla. 2nd DCA 1996)


*There are no public “clothing optional” beaches, topless beaches, or
nude beaches in the Pensacola area*
This is a trap for the unaware to “come on vacation, leave on probation…”

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