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The Rabby Pen

I have been giving away pens for a long time.  Mainly they go to clients, students, restaurants, all sorts of stores, local bars, lounges, liquor stores, and shops.  You will find them all over Pensacola, Florida.   They have traveled far and wide over the years.   I don’t think I have ever been retained because of a pen, but I am going to keep handing them out.

Many years ago a young law student came to me for a summer internship.

We had a discussion about the internship, her education, work history and life goals.  She was hesitant to tell me she been a beach bartender, because “silk-stocking” law firms were she was interviewing, were looking for more “refined” applicants.  My opinion is that work and life history makes the person/lawyer.  My work history includes extensive experience bartending, waiting tables, busing tables, and all sorts of restaurant work from an early age to law school.   I have many friends and family in the restaurant industry and have had a lot of fun and great experiences along the way.   My work history also includes a variety of construction, labor, pizza delivery, and furniture moving jobs.

I get all sorts of solicitations for places to advertise.  Based on my life experience, I decided hand out something useful, the “Rabby Pen” to those in education, the bar, restaurant, service, and retail businesses.  I enjoy the people, and know that pens are in high demand and tend to walk away.

One time a lady called me and asked if her husband was divorcing her.
When I asked how I was supposed to know that, she said “Well, he has your pen…”

A bartender I know was picking up a shift at different bar and could not find a pen.  She pulled a handful of Rabby pens out of her purse and the other bartender said- “I know Rabby.  What did he get you out of?”

Chris Rabby
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Errata- September, 2015 I got a call from a potential client that “accidentally stole” a pen from a local liquor store, which I supply with pens.   So I now have one verified pen thief referral.