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Federal Court Criminal Defense Attorney
in District Court for the Nothern District of Florida

Federal Court Defense Counsel for the Criminally Accused
Since most criminal cases are prosecuted in state courts/ Florida Court, the majority of Pensacola practicing attorneys never even enter Federal Court (United States District Court).  Chris Rabby is a Federal criminal defense lawyer in Pensacola, Florida.  If you are investigated or charged with a Federal crime where Federal jurisdiction applies, you need an attorney who is more than simply acquainted with the United States Code, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  Christopher L. Rabby has more than 25 years experience defending and litigating cases in the Federal Court system in United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida.  He understands the complexity, nuances, pitfalls, and sentencing enhancements of Federal Criminal Court.  Chris Rabby is prepared to represent you in matters related to:

  • Federal criminal defense
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Bank Fraud (Did you knoe ther is a 10 year statute of limitations?)
  • Wire Fraud
  • Firearms Cases
  • Computer Crimes/ Internet Pornography
  • Theft/ Fraud/ Government Fraud
  • Failure to Register/ Adam Walsh Cases
  • Conspiracy/ Drug Conspiracy
  • Violation of Supervised Release
  • Many Additional areas- BP Fraud, Mislabeled Fish, Criminal Child Support Prosecution
  • Grand Jury Appearances

Federal prosecution requires an attorney with Federal defense experience
If you are accused of a crime that violates a statute passed by Congress, you will be tried in Federal Court. Crimes involving Federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (for drug trafficking), Securities and Exchange Commission (securities fraud), U.S. Treasury (counterfeiting), and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco  Firearms and Explosives (illegal gun possession and firearm trafficking), and Internal Revenue Service (Tax Evasion) These are Federal offenses, as are crimes that cross state lines, from one state to another.  Crimes that use a Federal agency, such as the mail, with the U.S. Postal Service and banking in a F.D.I.C. insured bank, are likewise Federal.  Chris Rabby understands federal criminal law and all aspects of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, including:

  • Federal Bail Reform Act
  • Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Discovery and Evidence review
  • Trial
  • Federal sentencing guidelines
  • Appeal

Most Federal criminal prosecutions are charged as conspiracy cases.  A conspiracy is when two or more people work together in violation of the law.  It can be an informal agreement to violate the law, which can involve allegations of drug trafficking, firearms, violence and schemes to defraud the government, banks or individuals.  The general conspiracy charge falls under Title 21 U.S.C. §846.  A person can be charged with a conspiracy even if they are a one-time/minimal participant and do not know the full nature and extent of the scheme.
If you have been accused of Federal conspiracy charges, get experienced criminal defense help right away. Having a knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer fighting to protect your rights can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case, particularly when mandatory prison sentences are a possible result of a conviction in many cases.

Don’t give the Federal prosecutor an added advantage of facing an inexperienced attorney. Retain an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney at our office at Christopher L. Rabby, P.A.  Attorneys who are unfamiliar with the local Federal system may inadvertently prevent clients from receiving numerous benefits.
The Northern District of Florida has:

  • More restrictive discovery rules than Florida
  • Judges with experience in complex cases
  • A more prepared prosecution
  • Favorable precedent binding on the court
  • Speedier trial (A “Rocket Docket”)
  • A broader jury pool

When do I need a defense Lawyer
The best time to talk to a defense attorney is often before you might think you need one. Contact Chris Rabby prior to speaking with any law enforcement investigator.  To someone unfamiliar with the day-to-day workings of our criminal justice system, it can be overwhelming and frightening. A criminal charge will have a huge impact on your life. Small details can often have a big impact on the outcome of your case, and you need an attorney that will fight to protect your rights. At the Law Office of Chris Rabby, we understand this, and never take criminal allegations lightly. We thoroughly investigate every facet of your case, and evaluate every piece of evidence. We present you with our findings and options so that you will be better equipped to make important decisions you face.

Collateral Issues, Cases and Understanding
There are a great many issues that can come from an arrest or criminal prosecution, including an Injunction, Divorce, and/or Dependency Case(s).  There may also be driver license suspensions, criminal justice system “traps,” employment and professional ramifications, and personal and family relationship deterioration(s).  Then, there is always the stress of being involved in litigation.  Chris Rabby has experience in these matters and can assist with them, and even refer a person for services to deal with personal issues, drug and alcohol issues, anger issues and/or mental health concerns.

Chris Rabby has been helping people navigate their lives through unfortunate circumstances for more than 25 years.  He can help you understand how the issues will change your life and advise you on how to move forward from the experience.

Contact an established and successful Federal Court litigation law firm.
To schedule an appointment with a seasoned Pensacola federal criminal lawyer and court trial attorney at our office at Christopher L. Rabby, P.A., call 850-437-9410 or contact the firm online.  Our firm is conveniently located in Pensacola and represents clients throughout Florida, particularly in North Florida.