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Florida Sex Offender Registration Removal

Florida has a unique “Romeo and Juliet Law” wherein  individuals, under certain  circumstances, can petition the Court for removal from the Florida sex offender registry and offender website.  This includes removal of “Sex Offender” from a Florida driver license.  Clients on the sex offender registry can be subjected to a lifetime of public scrutiny.  Their  information can be easily accessed on several web sites, including the  Florida Department of Law EnforcementSex Offender Registration requirements are difficult to comply with and violation of that law is another felony offense.

Romeo  and Juliet removal is sometimes an option for convicted offenders as well as an option to prohibit those with pending charges from being placed on the sex offender list.  It generally applies to younger offenders.  In order to qualify, the offender and victim must be separated by no more than  four years of age, the victim must have been between 14 and 17 years of  age at the time of the offense, and this can be the only sex offense the offender has.  There may be another option for older offenses.

Other grounds for removal from the Sex offenser Registry include a full pardon (Clemency) and an application for removal after 25 years (Florida Statute 943.0435(11)(a)).

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