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Violent Crime Law

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, it’s essential to find a defense attorney who’s committed to your case. You need someone who will protect your rights while offering the respect you deserve during this difficult time, and an experienced attorney familiar with Florida Sentencing Enhancements.  In Pensacola, FL, Christopher L. Rabby, P.A. works tirelessly to provide clients with legal options and vigorous representation when they’re faced with criminal charges involving:

Many offenses and offenders also face enhanced sentences for crimes of violence.

Don’t compromise your future
A conviction for a violent offense can result in a long prison sentence, a hefty fine, the loss of certain rights (such as the right to own a gun) and a permanent criminal record. Even first-time violent offenders can face serious consequences. For this reason, you must enlist an attorney who can work with prosecutors and defend you aggressively in court, if necessary.

Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible, even while being investigated is vital to the strength of your case, and Christopher L. Rabby, can provide you with a consultation to help you understand the steps involved in your case. Once engaged, we will work to help you combat your charges so that you can move forward with your life. To improve your chances of walking away from your charges with the best outcome possible, call Christopher L. Rabby today at (850) 437-9410, or contact us online.