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The City Pensacola has it’s own Code of Ordinances,  and some are unique.
If faced with one, call Pensacola “Illegal Lap Dance” and
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Pensacola regulates “Lap Dances” by City Ordinance
They call it “Engaging in Prohibited Conduct” and can prosecute both the dancer and dancee

The City of Pensacola defines Straddle dance, also known as a “lap dance” or “face dance” as, the use by an employee, whether clothed or not, of
any part of his body to massage, rub, stroke, knead, caress or fondle the genital or pubic area of a patron, while on the premises, or the placing of the
genital or pubic area of an employee in contact with the face of a patron, while on the premises of an adult entertainment establishment.

It is Prosecuted as Pensacola City Ordinance 7-3-97(8) (M-2):
Engaging in prohibited activity.
It shall be unlawful for any employee of any adult entertainment establishment, regardless of whether it is licensed under this chapter:
(a) To engage in a straddle dance with a person at the establishment;
(b) To contract or otherwise agree with a person to engage in a straddle dance with a person at the establishment;
(c) To engage in any specified sexual activity at the establishment;
(d) To, where the employee knows or should know that alcoholic beverages are sold, offered for sale, or consumed, display or expose
at the establishment less than completely and opaquely covered specified anatomical areas;
(f) To engage in the display or exposure of any less than completely and opaquely covered specified anatomical areas while simulating any specified
sexual activity with any other person at the establishment, including with another employee;
(g) To engage in a private performance;
(h) To, while engaging in the display or exposure of any specified anatomical area, intentionally touch any person at the adult entertainment
establishment, excluding another employee; or
(i) To touch the clothed or unclothed body of any person at the adult entertainment establishment, excluding another employee, at any point
below the waist and above the knee of the person; or
(j) To touch the clothed or unclothed breast of any female person.

These allegations may result in up to 60 days incarceration, a $500.00 fine and possible loss of a dancer permit/license which is required in the city of Pensacola. (Yes, Pensacola requires a dancer license)

Chris Rabby has represented many of those charged with these (and related) offenses, call today.
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Illegal Dancers, Pensacola.
The City of Pensacola also requires all dancers/ adult entertainers in adult establishments to have a permit,
also known as a Pensacola adult entertainer license, or Pensacola dance license.
It is illegal to professionally dance without a license in an adult establishment,
punishable by 60 days in jail and a $500.00 fine.
The cost of an adult entertainer license is $30.00 and must be obtained through the Pensacola Police Department.

Chris Rabby has represented many persons charged with these and related offenses, call today.


Open Containers

Consumption of Alcohol in Public is prohibited by City Ordinance, Sec. 7-4-13

It is unlawful for any person to consume, possess, or “control” any type of alcoholic beverages or any other intoxicating liquors at or upon any park, playground or other recreational facility owned by the city, or in or upon any street right-of-way within the city, including, but not limited to, sidewalks, alleyways, and paved or unpaved portions of the right-of-way.
This prohibition does not apply to those activities, either public or private, for which approval by the mayor or city has been granted or obtained pursuant to special events permitting.

Of course, Alcoholic beverages sales and consumption will be allowed on the Osceola Municipal Golf Course, in the Saenger Theatre, and on the premises of the Roger Scott Tennis Center (exclusive of the parking lot area).

Special events where open containers of alcohol are allowed include
the Pensacola Mardi Gras, Christmas, and Fiesta of Five Flags Parades and Pensacola Gallery Nights.

Other than these events a person cannot walk down Palafox Street with a cocktail with out facing a $500.00 fine and/or 60 days in the county Jail.  Chris Rabby has represented many persons charged with these offenses, call today.


The “Sign Guy” Case and Free Speech

Chris Rabby has had success in challenging other Pensacola City Ordinances.

Charges were dismissed on the Pensacola “Street Sign Guy” on First Amendment/ Free Speech Grounds:

See State v. Ball,  2011 MO 22445, Clerk of Escambia County, Florida

Chris L. Rabby attacked the City of Pensacola, Florida, Code of Ordinances, §11-4-2 and §12-4-2
for a street corner sign holder.

City of Pensacola, Florida, Code of Ordinances §11-4-2 reads “No person shall use any portion of the streets or sidewalks of the city for the location or  operation of any private business unless such person obtains a permit or franchise for the use of such streets or sidewalks from the Counsel.”

City of Pensacola, Florida, Code of Ordinances §12-4-2(A) reads: Permits. No sign shall be erected without a permit except as provided herein.  (The Code goes on to specify sign placement, removal, illumination and installation).

The Court ruled that holding a sign is not actually “conducting a business,” which would be the same as having a business name on the side of a delivery or work vehicle.
The court also found that and that holding a sign is not “erecting” one, which would violate the ordinance.


Tattoo Studio business license Issue

The City of Pensacola did not want a Tattoo Studio on historic Palafox Street, and denied a business license to 3D Ink Tattoo Studio, after the owner had provisional license approval for the studio and the approval of the landlord.

Although this is not a traditional area of Chris Rabby’s law practice, September 21, 2011 he appeared before the City of Pensacola Zoning Board for hearing on the denial of the business license.  The Board voted 6 members to 2 members to overturn the City’s decision and directed that the City of Pensacola issue business license.
The license was issued the next day.


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