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Beware of IRS, FBI, Sheriff’s Department, Bondsman Unsolicited Calls to Family, and Jury Duty Phone Call and Collection Threats.
These Are Scams!

“The Sheriff’s department called and they say I owe a ticket and I have to pay now or they will get a warrant for me!”
This is a scam.

I have received several phone calls from panicked individuals saying the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was monitoring their computer, and because they had received notification on their computer.
This is a malicious malware implanted on your computer.

I have also received several phone calls from panicked individuals saying the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) called them and was requiring them to make payment, as well were was monitoring their computer, having received notification on their computer.

“The ADA called and said I was buying prescription drugs on the internet…”   Scam!  The ADA approves drugs, the DEA investigates improper distribution of them.

“You have to pay right away or the police will arrest you/ the police are standing by” is a sure sign of a scam.

“You need to post a bond with us before the defendant sees a judge.”  Many time there is no bond assessed until a person sees a judge and a bondsman will not call you directly, unless asked too by an inmate.  Then, the inmate will provide them a personal reference so that you know it is not a scam.


These are all scams or schemes to defraud.

Think about it,
Government collections go through a formal process, not a phone call.
If the FBI was monitoring your computer, they would not tell you or tip you off to the investigation
(until the investigation was complete).
The IRS would send official notification.
And trust me, you would know if the IRS was after you.

The computer scam and pop-ups seem to be related to Malware or a virus, seek immediate professional computer assistance.

Another scam is “The Clerk called and said I missed jury duty and they will get a warrant for me unless I pay them…”

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