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Pensacola Direct Mail Criminal Lawyers are “Fishing” For Clients

“Why am I getting these mail solicitations from criminal lawyers in Pensacola?”  I get asked.
Because, an arrest is a matter of public record, so some criminal defense lawyers send direct mail advertisements to people that have been arrested, after getting their information from the jail.  It is not illegal for them to send them.

Are lawyers allowed to send send mail solicitations to people who were arrested?  Yes, but that doesn’t make it right.
The Florida Bar Association says it is not unethical, so long as the lawyer follows the standards set by the bar.


Before you call that Pensacola direct mail criminal lawyer, consider-

As a Pensacola Criminal Defense Attorney, I am allowed, but do not send direct mailers.

I am against the idea of it.  I don’t like it and think of it as “ambulance chasing.”

When it was first approved by the Florida Bar, I called it “fishing for clients” and chose not to send direct mail to those arrested.  I do not think an individual needs to be reminded 20 times that they were arrested.
I respect a person’s privacy and do not think a defendant’s family, roommates, friends or even their mail carrier need to know they were arrested.

A Mobile, Alabama criminal defense lawyer, colleague of mine recently called me to refer a case.
He told his client that the stack of solicitations was from the “kind of lawyer you don’t want. Because, that kind of lawyer has to rely on advertising, and not experience, reputation, and results to get clients.”

One of my clients recently gave me a pile of solicitations from fifteen lawyers.  Yes fifteen direct mail solicitations. When I looked at the letters they all looked alike. They focused on fear – “act now to preserve your legal rights!” They promised that the lawyer was “aggressive, experienced and affordable.”

I do not think a handful of “advertisements” from Pensacola lawyers serves the public or educates the public about their rights when facing criminal charges.   I do not think they establish a worthwhile attorney-client relationship and am not certain the clients are well served.

If you have been arrested and are thinking of hiring a lawyer, please read “Picking a lawyer, Questions You Should Ask” first, even before you pick up the phone and call me or one of our direct mail brothers to “protect your rights.”

You are not buying windows or comparing prices on televisions.
You are hiring an advocate.

Take a minute to investigate the lawyer you are considering hiring, put those 10 to 20 direct mail lawyer solicitations aside until you have processed how to pick a criminal defense attorney.

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The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely on an advertisement. You have the right to request free written information about the education, experience, and qualifications of any of our attorneys before hiring them. No attorney-client relationship exists prior to the execution of an attorney-client contract.